Friday, May 24, 2013

DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuit Update: Federal Court Orders DePuy to Produce Data from Sales Practices Investigation, Rottenstein Law Group LLP Reports

The firm is actively filing DePuy Pinnacle lawsuits on behalf of individuals who allegedly suffered metallosis, premature device failure and other serious complications related to the metal-on-metal hip implant.

(PRWEB) May 22, 2013

Pretrial proceedings for federal DePuy Pinnacle lawsuits are progressing. On May 15 a judge for the, which has more information on the metal-on-metal hip implant and how to file a lawsuit if appropriate.
Pinnacle multidistrict litigation ordered Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy Orthopaedics unit to produce monitoring reports related to a federal investigation into the company’s medical device sales practices, according to court documents. The Rottenstein Law Group LLP, a DePuy Pinnacle law firm, maintains

Plaintiffs’ lawyers filed the motion to compel the release of the monitoring reports for use in the lawsuits pending in federal courts, according to court documents (In re: DePuy Orthopaedics Inc. Pinnacle Hip Implant Product Liability Litigation; MDL-2244, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas). A 2007 agreement and the monitoring reports were the result of a U.S. Attorney’s office’s criminal investigation into allegations that DePuy offered kickbacks to surgeons to use its hip replacement products.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Know if Hip Resurfacing is Right Operation for You

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The problem with hip pain caused by arthritis is a great concern for the ageing population. However, with the introduction of hip resurfacing, it is made possible to resolve this problem with minimal bone loss, health care providers say. This is one of the alternatives to total hip replacement surgery that some surgeons are performing, especially among younger individuals. The sad part is that the procedure may not be advisable for all because there might be some problems when it is performed in individuals who are not suited for it. Nowadays, most patients are trying to avoid having a hip replacement and are looking for other alternatives because of the Pinnacle hip failures detected in ultrasound imaging reported by some people.

Before the surgeon advices the patient to go through the operation, there are some requirements that need to meet and have exhausted all the non-surgical means of addressing the hip pain. Gender, type of body frame and age are factor that may affect the success of the procedure.


Men are more favorable to undergo this type of surgery compared with women, according to a study. The failure rate in women was unexpectedly high, unlike in men, which made surgeons decide not to perform the said operation on women, according to the Telegraph.

Type of Body Frame

Large-framed individuals who have high bone density may be able to benefit more from this surgical treatment. Those who have a smaller frame are at risk of fracturing the neck of the femur which is considered to be one of the most common concerns after the surgical operation. The femoral neck is sculpted to attach the prosthetic ball and stem.


Younger individuals less than 50 years old are able to go through this operation with lesser complications, according to the Dr. Craig Della Valle in his interview for the Saturday Evening Post. Fracture is still the problem in this category and is likely because of the decrease in bone density brought about by aging.

It is important to see if one qualifies for the procedure before deciding on having it. The surgeon is tasked to explain all the related risks and benefits of the said surgical treatment to the patient. Some of the risks are similar to that of the all-metal total hip replacement except for the femoral neck fracture. The patient may need to be monitored even after surgery to ensure that there are no complications.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rottenstein Law Group Sees Federal DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuits Nearing 3,000

A “statistics report” dated November 14, 2012, prepared by the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to show the distribution of pending Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) dockets reveals that as of the report date there are 2,682 federal actions now pending and consolidated in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas (in a matter known as “IN RE: DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., Pinnacle Hip Implant Products Liability Litigation,” no. MDL 2244).

According to complaints filed by recipients of DePuy’s Pinnacle hip replacement implants, the devices have loosened prematurely and, like other metal-on-metal hip implants, are releasing potentially toxic particles into patients’ bloodstreams. Pretrial proceedings in MDL 2244 have been progressing apace since the Pinnacle MDL case was created in May 2011, and the first trials of included matters are tentatively scheduled to begin in May 2014. Although the number of lawsuits is regularly increasing, the Pinnacle devices, unlike DePuy’s ASR hip replacements, have not been recalled.

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